Tücsi Yoga

november 24, 2021 12:42 pm

Tücsi Yoga – The green grasshopper believes it’s our choice to choose. Choose life, love, yoga and sustainability. Be the change and close the loop. Choose your yoga style, pick a date and book a class.

Tücsi Yoga not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also a sustainable yoga space. They offer yoga classes and have an online sustainable yoga products and gift store. GoodMood students are invited to their Sunday morning yoga class from 10h15 till 11h15, Thursdays from 18:30 till 19h30 and Fridays from 18h00 till 19h00. The lesson is given in English. 

The first introductory lesson is free. Use HOPPER10 to book your first class.
Thereafter yeach lesson or cl;ass pass is 10% off. Use the code G10203DMOOD at the online checkout to book your yoga class.